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Inspired by NYT First Said, we started looking at Hacker News Submission and Comment text to try and find first words, and then breakout trending words.

As you might imagine, many media publications - such as the NYT - have some editorial standards that correct common misspellings and are aimed at a broad audience. Hacker News is all user generated, so typos and technical terms are rife, which presents a challenge in filtering the signals out of the noise.

Trending this week

  1. pinball
    Story with most discussion -> Pacific Pinball Museum

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Newly Submitted Domains this week

These are domains that were first submitted as items during this week; the submission count includes all subsequent submissions.

  1. virtualface.app (seen 1 times)
  2. go-testdeep.zetta.rocks (seen 1 times)
  3. micro.dev (seen 1 times)
  4. edd.ca.gov (seen 1 times)
  5. backupdiary.com (seen 1 times)
  6. quick-wifi-share.web.app (seen 1 times)
  7. yella.co.in (seen 1 times)

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